A Fun and Easy Christmas Tradition

December 2, 2017
  • Want a fun Christmas tradition that does not involve a lot of work and will nurture the skill of listening and learning in your preschooler? Try this one. Wrap up Christmas picture books and let your child unwrap one a day for a bedtime story! Many years ago I heard this idea in a relief society activity and decided to give it a try. It was a winner! My children loved it and asked for it to continue long into their middle school years.  


    The wrapped books were placed in a special pile under the tree and my children took turns picking one each night until December 23. On Christmas eve, the tradition varied slightly. We wouldn’t open a book, but instead would open a pair of new PJs and read about the birth of the Savior directly from the bible. The experience was made extra special by reading the books each night by the light of the tree and more often than not, I let the children indulge in a small cup of hot cocoa or apple cider while we read. This nightly tradition really helped our whole family get in the spirit of Christmas and helped my children deepen their love for books as well!


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