• Individual Family Access


      • Special inaugural year discounted price
      • Full 28 week curriculum with 2 lessons each week for a total of 56 lessons
      • Printables for activities and learning
      • Instructional videos to help you through the process
      • Access to our private, exclusive Facebook community (connect with other parent/teachers and the My LDS Preschool team)
      $70 Preschool Curriculum
  • I love that my preschooler not only is jumpstarting her education, but is growing with faith related topics.

    — Kim Smith, Arizona
    • Join Our Team

      This year, when you decide to buy our preschool curriculum, you aren’t just getting a product, you are joining our team. True, you will receive an amazing, high quality, LDS preschool curriculum for a lower cost than what will be offered next year. And yes, it will be yours to use, at no additional cost, when you’re ready to use it with your younger children. You will also have access to future updates and content to our preschool curriculum.

      In addition to the financial benefits of joining this year, you also have the opportunity to help shape the curriculum. What do I mean? At launch we will be releasing the first 8 lesson plans with their corresponding printables. The remainder of the lessons will be released on a rolling schedule shown on the “Suggested Teaching Schedule” below.

      As we continue burning the midnight oil creating the same high quality content, we are counting on you to help make our future lessons even better! Maybe you will find something in our lessons that you would like to see more of in future lessons? Let us know! Maybe you will find something in our lessons that you would like to see less of? We want to hear that too. We want to tailor the lessons to best fit our collective team.

  • Download Schedule
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